Various styles of buttons that
will bring out the artist in you.

Union Button Corp., Ltd. was established in 1969 as Thailand’s first button manufacturer.We now produce a full range of buttons at two different factories located in Latphrao, Bangkok and Bangpakong, Chachoengsao. Union Button is now one of the largest high quality button manufacturers in the world. We constantly strive to satisfy our customers’ needs by offering a diverse selection of the highest quality products and fashion accessories at reasonable prices with outstanding service.

Our technical expertise allows us to produce special quality buttons according to our customers’ specific needs and requirements such as high impact buttons, heat resistant buttons, military uniform buttons, printed buttons, laser logo buttons, pearl or moving pearl buttons, as well as lead-free or nickle-free buttons.

Sustainable & Recycle
In terms of sustainable (sustainability) and Ecofriendy (Eco-friendliness), our buttons are made from upcycled and recycled materials to meet the needs of the fashion that focus on matter of the environment. <br><br>Recycle Buttons- We have developed our buttons by using recycle resin instead of using 100% new resin. The recycle resin material is made from recycled plastic such as the water bottles and other packaging. <br><br>Upcycle Buttons-We have collected buttons that contain ingredients from Natural materials such as seashells, eggshells, etc., They are locally-sourced leftovers. We turn the waste materials that are harmful to the environment into the beautiful buttons.
Garment Button
We produce and sell buttons for all types of clothing. Can be produced according to customer designs. There are buttons for shirts, pants, and suits. Polo etc. can be made in many sizes and colors.
Craft Button
We have quality buttons for handicrafts and decorations exported to famous department stores. In foreign countries, it can be used for decoration. or add value to the product

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