Coconut Fibers

It is made from coconut fibers. With a production of over one million tons annually, a large amount of coconut waste is produced in Thailand

Coffee Grounds

It is made from left over grounds after the brewing process. It is generally regarded as waste and usually is thrown away.

Corn Cob

It is made from corncob which is an agricultural waste generated in huge quantities during corn processing. Corncob is usually disposed of directly as waste, creating environmental problems


It is made from Eggshell which is one of the most commonly discarded food wastes around the world. With our art technology ” E-Marble” is perfect mixture of upcycling material “Eggshell” and high quality resin.


It is made from macadamia nut shell after cracking. We create more value than just composting or producing animal feed.

Plastic Scrap

It is made from plastic scrap from factories which takes a long time to decompose and releases significant carbon emissions during production.

Rice Husks

It is made of rice husks discard as part of milling process in agriculture


It is made from ocean-bound plastic waste (PET polyethylene terephthalate)